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Better citizen information, better worksite acceptability

“WorksiteInfo revolutionizes worksite information”

Your worksites impact the lives of the nearby residents, and the lack of information can generate frustration and even anger which can jeopardize the progress of the worksite.

Nowadays residents and local authorities alike expect a reliable, transparent and real time information.

We created WorksiteInfo service to fulfill these expectations in order to maximize worksites’ acceptability.


Discover our 3 offers


  • Customized map of my worksites
  • Widget with essential info: worksite name and short description, start/end dates…
  • Easily integrates in any website / mobile app / existing map
  • Email support


“ESSENTIAL” offer plus :
  • Unlimited worksites
  • Unlimited users
  • Full widgets
  • Worksite contact
  • Working hours
  • Email bulletin subscription list
  • Realtime email alerts
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Email and phone support

Large Worksites

“STANDARD” offer plus : 
  • Exclusive patented ‘’Medusa” sensors
  • Current operations list
  • Noise level forecasts for the next 10 days
  • Noise graph history
  • 360° noise visualisation:
  • Daily/weekly automatic reports

High sensitivity measures

Last generation “Medusa” sensors from Bruitparif Lab measure the noise level at 360°.

Noise is repreented through easy to understand graphs and includes common life situation analogies

Informed decision making

Seeing is understanding. The exclusive and patented 360° noise vizualization enables factual discussions amongst stakeholders and informed noise reduction actions choices

The right information at the right time

Intergrate WorksiteInfo’s widget anywhere: in your website, your app, the cities’ website, public screens…

Send informations, progress reports and alerts in minutes, not weeks

Manage and anticipate

Manage all of your worksites’ informations through secured web based interface.

With a better understanding and information, people impacted by the worksite can better organize their lives, and the worksite’s acceptability is optimized

Deployed on the Grand Paris worksites

4 nouvelles lignes de métro 68 gares, plus de 300 chantiers

Discover the new generation worksite information

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What our customers say…

“WorksiteInfo enables us to deliver an unmatched information on our worksites to citizens and city officials”

Bernard Cathelain
board member @ societe du grand paris

“Citizen and city officials information is a top priority for Société du Grand Paris. WorksiteInfo service enables us to go the extra-mile”

Isabelle Rivière
VP Communication @ societe du grand paris

“WorksiteInfo disrupts worksites information  practices both in terms of reactivity and  transparency”

John Tanguy
VP STRategy and innovation @ societe du grand paris

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